So you’re wondering how to grow beard faster // There are two ways to go about this. You can either choose one of the home remedies to grow a beard faster or you can keep trying random products that have promises of growth. Guess which one will work better for you? Here are the tips:

home remedies to grow beard faster

Use Conditioner: It’s important to remember that your beard is a living, growing hair. When you are applying any product onto this hair, you should make sure that it is deep conditioning. This means that it is deep enough to coat the hair and it also has the power to protect the hair from drying out, from tangling up, or from becoming damaged by the heat from your hair dryer. There are a lot of conditioners that can be bought in drug stores or even in some beauty supply shops.

Use Beard Oil: The first thing that you should know about beard oil is that it is made from the hair of animals. That being said, you can use it on you hair as well if you are using it on your head. What you need to remember is that this is a hair treatment, not an ordinary hair treatment. So you should be careful not to use excessive amounts of it. If you do, you might be in for a bad surprise when it comes to having thicker and fuller hair.

Use Natural Herbs: This is something that you would be interested in doing yourself. What you can do is to make use of natural herbs such as sage, lavender, mint, and jojoba oils. These herbs have the ability to make your beard grow much healthier than the way it normally would. You can make use of them either by making oil using them or by consuming them.

Make Your Hair Straight: You should know that there are two kinds of hair that can be kept longer: natural hair that has been treated chemically. You can make your hair grow longer using natural products such as olive oil, coconut oil, and aloe vera extracts. Just make sure that you are applying them on only the hair that you want to keep longer. The same applies to using hair-sticking products like minoxidil and other such products.

Avoid Using Fabric Softeners: In addition to home remedies to grow a beard faster, you should also avoid using fabric softeners. When you use fabric softeners, you are stripping your hair of its natural oils. Once this happens, your hair will be drier than before. In fact, some people end up losing their hair simply because they do not know how to take care of their hair properly. So always use fabrics that are made from 100% natural fibers.