Many individuals often inquire what it actually means to be a tree surgeon, so decided to investigate the subject in a recent blog! Read on to find out more about what tree surgeons do, and how they maintain tree health and vitality in Ashburn, Virginia! The term tree surgeon can have many different meanings, depending on who you ask. There are actually several different branches of the medical profession, including those that specialize in surgery, diagnosis and treatments of specific ailments or conditions.

Tree surgeon

Tree surgeons are a sub-section of an arborist. Many people will have never heard of the two professions, but they are one and the same. An arborist is a person who has earned a master’s degree in the field of forest development, planning or management. This type of specialist is also known as a “tree doctor” or “tree specialist.” While this may sound like two separate jobs, each is actually one and the same.

A tree surgeon diagnoses and treats injuries, diseases, deformities, and other hazardous conditions affecting trees. As you likely have guessed, felling trees is one of their primary tasks. In fact, it is one of the most dangerous jobs in all of the greenest fields! While tree surgeons do not cut down trees, they provide extensive care and assistance to those who must remove sick or dead branches for various reasons, including safety, aesthetic and liability. Additionally, some specialize in completely reshaping or removing dangerous branches that pose a risk to public safety or property.

Decaying or losing leaves off of trees poses a hazard to people walking or driving by. While falling leaves off of trees is considered a normal condition, dangerous branches should not be left alone. A tree surgeon removes dangerous branches in a safe manner, while providing medical treatment to those who are injured or who must remove dangerous branches on their own. In fact, it is not uncommon for a professional tree surgeon to provide emergency services to those who may need them. They may even provide life support for those who have been injured or killed because a fallen tree blocked their view, blocked their path, or otherwise resulted in their death.

Another job performed by a tree surgeon is the keeping and/or repair of trees that have been damaged due to a storm or other disaster. While some arborists specialize in only certain kinds of repairs, most arborists are generalists who are used to fixing all kinds of trees. An arborist’s services include removing dead or dying parts of a tree, pruning branches to correct structural imbalances, removing damaged portions of a tree, repairing a tree, and more. Many states require an arborist to obtain a license before practicing, though licensure is not required by most states. The National Forest Service and other federal bodies have similar requirements for pest control technicians who perform services in a residential community or other outside structure.

While there are many kinds of jobs a tree surgeon can do, the most well-known kind is felling. Fallers are responsible for removing large branches and other broken or damaged parts of a tree in order to repair them or place them in another location. If a tree falls and damages a building, house, or other property, fallening the tree is usually the responsibility of the property owner. However, there are times when a property owner can be held liable for damage or injury caused by a falling tree without his or her knowledge or consent. If you were injured because of a falling tree, you may be entitled to financial compensation.