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How Many People Visit Website? Statistics show that more than 80% of your audience is anonymous. Of the other 98%, they are ready to transact. However, how do you make them see your website? Here are some simple tips to increase your website’s traffic. First, keep your website simple. Make it easy to navigate, so your visitors can find what they’re looking for. Next, make sure your visitors can easily find your business’s contact information and other details.

80% of your audience

Did you know that 80% of your website’s audience only views 20% of your products? If so, you’re missing a big opportunity. By following the Pareto principle, you can focus your efforts on attracting this small group and ensuring that the remaining 80% will visit your website. Using this concept can also help you identify and fix bugs on your website. You can also use this to make your website easier to navigate and eliminate distractions.

During the life cycle of a website, the percentage of returning users changes. A new website will typically have 80-90% new visitors, while an established site with a high returning audience will strive to attract more new visitors while keeping the old ones. You can also track traffic sources to determine where people are coming from. If your website receives a lot of traffic from search engines or your email list, you’ll likely see a high percentage of repeat visitors.

98% of your audience is anonymous

Most website visitors are anonymous. Only 2% to 3% of the visitors reveal their name or email address. But this anonymous audience is responsible for all your business leads and future sales. Hence, it is vital to understand the needs and behavior of this audience. By improving the anonymity of your website, you will increase the chances of converting anonymous visitors into leads. They prefer privacy over knowing their identity and like to browse the web anonymously.

In fact, most companies spend a majority of their time and budget on the top of the funnel. This is because it allows them to maximize revenue from known leads and buyers. However, an anonymous audience has varying needs and interests, which is why they may not respond to your offers. As such, a majority of your visitors will leave your site before your sales team can reach them. Hence, it is imperative to create a more personalized experience for your anonymous audience to engage with you more effectively.

98% of your audience is looking for information

You should never assume that 98% of your audience is looking to buy anything. The vast majority of website visitors browse without contacting your business. While only 2% of anonymous website visitors will contact your business, the vast majority will remain anonymous. This means that you’ll have to tailor your content to these visitors so that you can meet their specific needs. Fortunately, there are a few ways to do this.